GOod News Furniture


Pricing - When you are requesting pricing and trying to identify a piece to be priced, make sure to give the manufacturer of the piece ie. Stanley, Lexington, Harden etc.  Numbers are very important in ordering items.  Each company has a way to identify the suit, and the finish, if it is a set finish on all that suit,  and the number of the piece.  We need a description of the piece being ordered, and then if you need a quote it can be faxed or emailed for the pricing.  It will be sent out as a base price plus a percentage add-on and then the shipping is kept as a separate quote for it varies by the size of the order and the size of the pieces.   Upholstery needs a lot of points to get the order going - the piece number as well as, the Fabric name or numbers, Nail choices Fringes, Cording, Seat Upgrades, Pillow fillers, and finishes for exposed wood.

Ordering - each order needs a customer name and address and two phone numbers for delivery contact and a check for payment of the furniture.  I need you to then include the points from the pricing quote that you want to order.

Tracking - The warehouse will receive the merchandise on a dock, the items will be inspected for damage, and the customer or designer will be called to set delivery

This company is designed to acquire furniture for designers at the lowest prices, so they can be competitive with client pricing.  Our goal is to keep the design trade informed about manufacturers quality and merchandise availability.  We are a coop for buying, and the designers can count on the furniture being ordered, tracked, received and delivered as they are informed about the time and place in the production and movement of the items.

Company Procedures and Requirements